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California Arts Recovery Resources

As of January 20, 2023

For Artists:

CERF+/The Artists Safety Net (

For Organizations:

Cultural institutions and arts organizations can call the National Heritage Responders hotline: 202.661.8068

Museums with damage to their collections may be eligible for FAIC funding/assistance for an assessment:

For Funders:

Funders and service organizations can learn ways to streamline and expedite assistance to artists and organizations through The Essential Guidelines for Arts Responders Organizing in the Aftermath of Disaster -

For Everyone:

For questions about salvaging heirlooms and other objects/artifacts can email the National Heritage Responders at, and HENTF’s (the Heritage Emergency National Task Force). Save Your Family Treasures guidance is available at

You and/or your organization may be eligible for FEMA assistance if you are in an area designated under a presidentially-declared disaster. To help demystify federal disaster relief, read An Arts Field Guide to Federal Disaster Relief, available free online in English and Spanish:

If you've been affected, you should immediately submit a request for Public Assistance, as there is a short window of time to do so. Information is updated frequently on this page as new areas of California receive disaster declarations: The Arts Field Guide (link above) helps walk you through the steps.

If you have not been affected, we encourage you to take some time to begin or update your Readiness Plan for your own organization or practice; resources include and



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