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Meet NCAPER'S Pilot Cohort of CAM Arts Responders!

With support from The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, the National Coalition of Arts’ Preparedness & Emergency Response (NCAPER) is developing the Crisis Analysis & Mitigation (CAM) Coaching Program for Arts Responders to be a nationwide network of arts responders trained by AIR Institute to coach distressed communities in developing or expanding mitigation efforts using the arts and creativity. Rather than waiting for another disaster to occur, NCAPER’s CAM network coaches will be able to work with affected communities as part of the mitigation process to be better prepared for the next disaster.

With assistance from Regional Arts Organizations (RAO), NCAPER and AIR Institute personnel selected twelve exceptional people (two from each of the six (6) areas served by the RAOs) to become the first CAM coaches. Meet the cohort and learn more about the dynamic CAM Arts Responder training here:



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