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Organization Crisis Impact Assessment Report
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Organization Crisis Impact Assessment Report

To help NCAPER serve you, please complete the following report about the crisis you've experienced, along with its impact.

If you have damaged costumes, props, records, etc., would you like someone from the National Heritage Responders to call you? The National Heritage Responders (NHR) is a volunteer cadre of preservation and conservation experts trained in collections salvage. NHR is administered by the Foundation of the American Institute for Conservation.​
Your organization may be eligible for federal disaster assistance to help with recovery. Would you like someone from the Heritage Emergency National Task Force, a partnership co-sponsored by FEMA and the Smithsonian Institution, to contact you?
Description of Facility Damage

Describe any physical damage to your facility and/or equipment, materials, etc.


Pre-Crisis Preparation
Emergency protective measures are measures taken before, during, and after a disaster to save lives, protect public health and safety, and prevent damage to improved public and private properties.

Post-Crisis Clean-up
Debris removal activities, such as clearance, removal and disposal of debris that is in the public best interest, based on whether the work: eliminates immediate threats to lives, public health and safety; eliminates immediate threats of significant damage to improved public or private property; ensures economic recovery of the affected community to the benefit of the community at large; or mitigates the risk to life and property by removing substantially damaged structures.

Facility or Equipment Damage
Work required to restore or repair damage to its pre-crisis design, function, and capacity, in accordance with certain codes and standards (i.e., repair or replacement of structural and non-structural building components, including mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems, contents and equipment within the building, and furnishings; and repair or replacement of vehicles and construction equipment)

Post-Crisis Service Interruption Costs
Income loss due to operational interruption and/or program/event cancellation including lost ticket/admission revenues.

Please provide any additional information that you would like to share, or anything you learned through your experience.
Please upload files that you felt were important to your process, or before and after photos that show your progress.
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