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NCAPER's programs are designed to help artists and arts organizations prepare for, respond to, and recover from disasters. They also aim to build resilience and capacity in the arts and culture sector.


Crisis Analysis and Mitigation Coaches (CAM) and State/Local Activation Teams (SLAT)

With support from The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, the National Coalition of Arts’ Preparedness & Emergency Response (NCAPER) is developing the Crisis Analysis & Mitigation (CAM) Coaching Program for Arts Responders. Arts responders are trained by AIR Institute to coach distressed communities in developing or expanding mitigation efforts using the arts and creativity. Rather than waiting for another disaster to occur, NCAPER’s CAM network coaches will be able to work with affected communities as part of the mitigation process to be better prepared for the next disaster.

Ultimately, CAM coaches will be key members of State/Local Activation Teams (SLAT), a future NCAPER program to create a national network of arts responders. When a crisis occurs, knowledgeable arts leaders at the local and state level can immediately respond to those impacted.
 Follow this link for more information>>


An online emergency preparedness and response tool for arts and cultural organizations, regardless of size, scope, or discipline. Create an account and get started to:
•    prevent or mitigate disasters
•    prepare for the most likely emergencies
•    respond quickly to minimize damage
•    recover effectively while continuing to provide services to your community.

A limited number of free 1-year subscriptions are available to arts organizations. Fill out this form to receive a discount code>>

Conferences and Field Education

NCAPER, often in partnership with the Performing Arts Readiness project, offers workshops and presentations to both the arts and emergency management sectors. NCAPER representatives welcome your invitation to offer professional development at your upcoming convening! Follow this link for more information>>

Arts Administration Curriculum

Providing an opportunity for arts management students – undergraduate and graduate – to incorporate readiness and mitigation into their practice as they begin their leadership careers. In 2023, 15 programs nationwide will incorporate content from a partnership of NCAPER and PAR, the Performing Arts Readiness project. Follow this link for more information>>

Performing Arts Readiness

Performing arts organizations are especially vulnerable to disasters and emergencies, which can damage an organization’s business operations and artistic legacy. The Performing Arts Readiness (PAR) project supports various programs to increase knowledge and the ability to perform arts organizations to create and execute emergency recovery plans, including free webinars, conference presentations, and tools to help build the field’s capacity for disaster preparedness. Many of PAR’s offerings are relevant to arts organizations of any discipline. NCAPER and PAR serve on one another’s Steering Committees.

(PAR) Follow this link for more information>>

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