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December Insights: Key Updates and Highlights from NCAPER

This holiday season, gift yourself or the artists/arts organizations you care about with

these 12 simple ways to prepare and protect yourself and your work!

🎁Day 1: Emergency Readiness in a Snap!

Emergency Preparedness Kits: Be ready in moments!

Find out more:

🎁Day 2: Waterproof and Fireproof Document Bags and Safes

Safeguard your essential papers and small artworks:

Protect critical documents 

Ensure the safety of financial instruments 

Keep small artworks secure 

🎁Day 3 FREE online Crisis Management Training

Covering topics like art preservation in emergencies, stress management, and digital tools for

remote collaboration. Many of these are free!

Check out:

🎁Day 4 Art Insurance Policies

Gift cards or contributions towards comprehensive art insurance, offering protection against

🎁Day 5 Books on Art and Resilience

Reads that offer insights into managing creativity during crises.

Demystify Federal Disaster relief:

🎁Day 6 Inspirational Reading

Lucy Easthope, a UK-based disaster preparedness expert, keeps human connection at the

heart of her work. Read more: New Yorker profile ( and her book "When the Dust Settles: Searching for Hope After Disaster."

🎁Day 7 Backup Storage Solutions

External hard drives or cloud storage subscriptions for digital backups of artwork, financial and contact records, work products, and images.

Explore Tech Soup, a site that offers donation and discount software to nonprofits, charities, and libraries:

🎁Day 8: Make a Difference!

Donate in someone's name to NCAPER.

Support artists in crises.

🎁Day 9: Be Prepared!

Arts organizations, get your free dPlan/ArtsReady subscription.

Artists, check out our handy readiness guides.

🎁Day 10: Plan Ahead!.

Schedule cross-training for 2024 team collaboration.

Utilize our Partner Resources page to document and enhance your knowledge.

🎁Day 11: Connect with a Mentor

Seek guidance from experienced arts professionals.

Build a supportive network for advice and inspiration.

Find mentors through organizations like NCAPER Partner Americans for the

🎁Day 12: Protect Your Artistic Legacy

NCAPER Partner NYFA provides a wealth of resources for artists nationwide. They offer information on financial support, education, technology, and institutions.


NCAPER in Action: Your Support Makes Our Impact Possible

Within two weeks of this year's horrific wildfires on Maui, NCAPER was hosting Hawai'i

Response Calls. Local artists and organizations have been connected with advice and

resources to help them navigate their recovery as smoothly as possible.

Response Calls are a core NCAPER program and have assisted creatives in Kentucky, Puerto Rico, Houston, Louisiana, the US Virgin Islands, and elsewhere. Your gift helps ensure NCAPER is there when needed after a crisis.

Please consider making a tax-deductive contribution before the end of the year. DONATE HERE


In Appreciation

Three remarkable arts colleagues are making major professional transitions. NCAPER will continue to benefit from their wisdom, creativity, and leadership. Thank you!

Mary Eileen Fouratt is retiring from her Access and Community Arts Program Office role with the New Jersey State Arts Council at the end of December. She has brought her experience as a leader with a local arts agency and state arts agency to our Programming Working Group, as well as perspective from a model program for readiness: the New Jersey Cultural Alliance for Response. We're gratified that Mary Eileen will continue her connection with NCAPER as a CAM/Crisis Analysis and Mitigation Coach and on our Programming Working Group.

Renée Chatelain is stepping down as President and CEO of the Arts Council of Greater Baton Rouge at the end of January. Among her many community and artistic accomplishments during her tenure is the launch of Creative Relief. In the wake of severe flooding in 2016 that impacted most of the eleven-parish area the Council serves, Renée and her team interfaced with FEMA and the American Red Cross to assist with culturally responsive relief; placed artists and arts

programming in shelters and communities to serve displaced residents; and developed direct assistance to artists and arts organizations. Creative Relief continues to grow and adapt to the region’s ongoing needs. We look forward to Renée’s continuing service on our Programming Working Group.

The national arts and culture community has had a true friend and colleague in Lori Foley, Coordinator of the Heritage Emergency National Task Force (co-sponsored by FEMA's Office of Environmental Planning & Historic Preservation and the Smithsonian Cultural Rescue Initiative), who is retiring this month. In this role, and through her prior work in preservation and response, she has been a self-described "connector of the dots." Lori ensures that arts and cultural organizations are considered in federal response and policy, makes introductions and connections between government players and those impacted on the ground, and is a one-person central intelligence center for all involved in this work. She has often been posted to disaster areas for weeks and months, directly serving cultural organizations and training arts and culture responders. She has built a remarkable infrastructure that is mainly invisible but incredibly valuable to all of us – and has maintained a disarming sense of humor and a relentless commitment to getting the work done. Lori will be widely missed, but we congratulate her on her retirement and thank her for many years of collegiality and support.


As the 2023 year ends, we at NCAPER reflect on the resilience and creativity of the arts community. Despite challenges, artists have continued to inspire and thrive. Our support for this vibrant sector remains steadfast.  

Looking forward, we're excited for what's to come and committed to nurturing a flourishing arts environment. Thank you for being part of this journey. 

Wishing you a creative and prosperous new year!  

Best Wishes, 

The NCAPER Team 



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