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Safety Wear
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dPlan| ARtsready

Is your organization ready to respond to emergencies such as these?

  • Natural disasters (floods, hurricanes, earthquakes, and wildfires​​

  • Emergencies resulting from an accident (burst water pipe), deferred maintenance (leaking roof), or negligence (fire or mold)

  • Crises associated with community unrest, cyberattacks, and public health emergencies.

Emergency planning is essential to maintaining your business operations while preserving your institution's assets and collections. By taking preparedness actions and creating a disaster plan, cultural heritage, and arts organizations can reduce the risk of disaster and minimize their losses.

dPlan|ArtsReady is an online emergency preparedness and response tool for arts and cultural organizations, regardless of size, scope, or discipline. Create an account and get started to:
•    Prevent or mitigate disasters
•    Prepare for the most likely emergencies
•    Respond quickly to minimize damage
•    Recover effectively while continuing to provide services to your community.


A limited number of free 1-year subscriptions are available to arts organizations.

Fill out this form to receive a discount code. Available here>>

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