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In the immediate days and weeks after a disaster, communications and IT are often cut off or limited; artists and cultural workers may be displaced, and arts leaders may be scrambling to figure out how to help their constituents and colleagues. NCAPER Response Calls/Zooms are a tool for those affected to connect with each other, to share their status and needs, and talk with NCAPER representatives who have been through similar situations and can identify resources and recommend actions.

Response Calls are generally held at the same time and day, either weekly or biweekly. They are guided by those affected and are open to anyone who wishes to participate. They often begin with a small group that expands over time, and NCAPER hosts them as long as the community needs us to. Following Hurricane Harvey in Houston, calls lasted for less than two months; following Hurricanes Irma and Maria in Puerto Rico, calls lasted for well over a year.

Check here for any current Response Call information.
There are no Response Calls currently scheduled.

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